Oakland Township, MI – September 5, 2014 – Like all other amenities found at the spectacular new Pinnacle estate home community, it is only natural that highly original world-class art was commissioned for the stunning neighborhood developed by Moceri. The Ultimate Homearama – the first event of its kind in more than a decade – offers a limited opportunity for the public to tour six luxury estate homes that have been designed and furnished to create a spellbinding architectural experience. Record crowds attended the charity preview and opening celebration during the Labor Day weekend. The homes featured in the Ultimate Homearama – built by Arteva Homes, Cranbrook Custom Homes, MJC Companies and Moceri – are lavishly finished with the latest in luxurious features usually reserved for the style capitals of the world. If the cutting-edge architecture wasn’t enough of an enticement to attend the Ultimate Homearama, four prominent art installations – the majestic promenade at the entrance of the community, the grand rotunda, as well as two sculptures inspired by Newton’s cradle and an armillary sphere – add to the community’s ambiance of refinement. 12 steel arch-topped stone columns, impressive fire bowls and a dazzling water feature form the community’s promenade. The spectacle informs those arriving at the community’s hand-laid stone entrance that they are entering a one-of-a-kind neighborhood – a place of elegance and charm.

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A stunning water feature and iron arch-topped stone columns form the promenade that welcomes visitors to the Pinnacle. Gary Roberts and Patrick McCauley at Great Oaks Landscape and David Ciavagli of San Marino Ironworks created the majestic promenade.

The theme of family is fundamental to Pinnacle and is reflected in its world-class art installations. The center rotunda showcases a limestone sculpture “Eternal Love” depicting a couple standing back-toback in the center of a circle of stone columns which are capped with an open-air iron dome. The sculpture, hand-carved by artist John Andrew Goodrow at Capital Stoneworks in Bridgeport Michigan, was chiseled from a 14-foot by 6-foot block of Indiana limestone. Passages on the columns and the engraving on the sculpture’s base reinforce the statue’s representation of a loving couple traveling through life together. The sculpture was based on a scale model replica created through the use of cutting-edge 3D printing technology from Manulith, an exciting new local tech startup. Located in the heart of Detroit, Manulith commands nearly a dozen
3D printing machines, industry-leading CAD engineering software and a proprietary cloudbased project management system. For more information on Manulith, visit manulith.com. “Visualizing and creating a world-class community with 3D printing helped guide our skilled tradesmen who are beyond compare globally,” said Dominic J. Moceri, who leads the development arm of Moceri. He notes the ability to have the replicas at the site greatly assists his team members to “see the big picture” before the development is complete. Two other sculptures, inspired by Newton’s Cradle and the classical design of an armillary sphere, also reflect the importance
of family. Renowned sculptors Erik and Israel Nordin created both pieces. The Nordin brothers, founders of the Detroit Design Center, create distinct sculptures incorporating a variety of mediums including glass, wood and metal. Their work is found in some of the most

The sculpture “Eternal Love” was created by John Andrew Goodrow at Capital Stoneworks and depicts two lovers journeying through life together. Gary Roberts and Bill Boss at Great Oaks Landscape and David Ciavagli of San Marino Ironworks created the artistic landscape, stone columns and iron dome that surround the sculpture. 3D print out by Manulith of Moceri’s Greystone Manor Show House at the Ultimate Homearama.

prestigious Detroit businesses – including Quicken Loans and the Henry Ford Health Center. They are also responsible for creating the “DBurst” ball for the New Year’s Eve “ball drop” which has become a new Detroit tradition. The Nordin’s dramatic Francesca’s Cradle features seven spheres – a single charcoal sphere and six silver spheres, including two offset from the others to signify fraternal twins – represents a father and six sons respectively while the frame symbolizes maternal strength. The father’s momentum drives the sons while the mother guides them along a straight path. The Nordin’s other work, Pinnacle Sphere, continues the theme of family bonds with the sculpture’s six rings representing fraternal unity protecting the blue “Mother Earth” orb at the sculpture’s center. “The immense talent and creativity of the entire artistic team, from the Nordin brothers and John Andrew Goodrow at Capital Stoneworks to the craftsmen who brought everything together at the Pinnacle, ensured that the outcome would be truly world-class,” said Moceri. “Once again, the highly skilled local talent from Michigan has come together to highlight the best that this great state has to offer.”

Francesca’s Cradle, also created by the Nordin brothers, features seven spheres representing a father and six sons respectively while the frame symbolizes maternal strength. Pinnacle Sphere, depicting several metal bands surrounding a blue orb, was created by the renowned sculptors Erik and Israel Nordin to symbolize six brothers protecting a maternal figure. To access photos in high resolution, visit https://www.dropbox.com/sh/otpw1wks1nlxaja/AAAE-RO23mlsKi6u8Nrj53lya?dl=0

For additional information regarding Pinnacle Art Installations,
contact: Dominic J. Moceri, Moceri
PHONE: 248-860-5519 EMAIL: Dominic@moceri.com
For additional information regarding Ultimate Homearama, contact:
Michael Stoskopf, CEO, HBA of Southeastern Michigan
PHONE: 248-862-1001 EMAIL: MichaelS@builders.org
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The Ultimate Homearama, presented by the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan, is
open through September 14, 2014 at Moceri’s Pinnacle, located on Silverbell Road just east of Adams
Road. The homes are open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., Mondays – Saturdays and Noon – 9 p.m. on Sundays. For
more information and tickets, visit ultimatehomearama.com.

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